Multimedia Review 2

Dos Madres: With courage and patience, two migrant mothers share their stories – LA Times

Dos Madres is a wonderful, visually engaging mini documentary by Ora Dekornfeld of the LA Times. Story arc is achieved by first introducing the two mothers’ motive for migrating from Central America to the United States, then hearing about the challenges they have encountered on their journey to provide for their children and finally concluding by seeing the mothers achieving their goals of raising successful children. It is powerful to see the son of one of the mother’s advocating for other migrants who are now embarking on the same journey as his mother.

While the interviews are powerful in this piece, the visuals carry the story seamlessly. The video images create an intimate space between the viewers and the subjects. Most of the clips are very short, jumping from different angles and perspectives.  Dekornfeld uses a variety of techniques including motivated panning, rack focus and silhouettes equipping viewers with a variety of ways to understand context and feel close to the subjects.